Semi-Scholarly Linkspam: Comic-Con Edition

I can't imagine those costumes are comfortable.

I can’t imagine those costumes are comfortable.

I only have a few more weeks of summer in which to do my blog posts, so expect to hear from me a lot in the near future. This one is just another linkspam, though … but it has commentary!

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Blog 4 – What’s New and Post Comic-Con Recap

It’s been over a week since I last posted about Comic-Con, and I think I’ve mostly recovered since the convention’s ending Sunday. Because I got a really bad seat, I live-tweeted the Community panel while my friend (and fanartist) Julieta took pictures with my really nice camera from the fourth row. Unfortunately I haven’t uploaded many of my pictures from either my phone or my camera (will post when I do), so here’s a picture of cosplayers dressed as Cowboy Jeff and Geneva I tweeted:

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A Bit of a Manifesto

I’ve been having health issues the past two weeks, so I’m behind on my blog postings. However, I just read a brilliant article by Arthur Chu of The Daily Beast that pretty much is a manifesto for my research topic and why I want to study geeks and geek culture: because it’s everywhere now. It even validates my thesis about fans influencing the direction of popular culture that I derived by discussing shippers and Community.

How Battlestar GalacticaGame of Thrones, and Fanfiction Conquered Pop Culture