SDCC – Preview Night: The Crazy Starts Here

Comic-Con Registration

Comic-Con Registration

My Comic-Con experience began Wednesday when I got to the San Diego Convention Center to get my badge. It was my first long line, one of many I’m sure.

My Vampire Diaries Swag Bag (I may trade for an Arrow bag)

My Vampire Diaries Swag Bag (I may trade for an Arrow bag)

My friend Dave (you’ll be hearing a lot about him) and I got our swag bags, then decided to go get something to eat.

All of San Diego is transformed for Comic-Con

All of San Diego is transformed for Comic-Con

The city of San Diego makes most of its budget from Comic-Con, and all the businesses in the Gaslight district get into the spirit.

Sharknado Flashmob

Sharknado Flashmob

The servers at the restaurant we ate dinner at were all wearing geek gear – our server had a Doctor Who shirt, the host had a Batman shirt, and a Sharknado flashmob ran up and down the street warning us of the dangers of Sy Fy Channel movies that are so bad they’re good.

I’ll be doing my “a day in the lab” video using footage from Comic-Con, so expect that in the future.

The experience of being among other fans is exhilarating – being in line is a drag, but it’s still amazing when you realize that the guys standing behind you are dressed as the Eleventh Doctor and Castiel. You instantly feel a kinship with them because you have these fandoms in common.

As for my research, I had some hiccups advertising my survey with Twitter (did you know they don’t allow you to post the exact same tweet twice?), but I think I’ve figured it out. Unfortunately I don’t have any respondents, which surprised me because I got 180 responses in four hours when I launched by Community survey.

I also haven’t seen any harassment of cosplayers, but as comic writer Gail Simone’s tweet reminds us, just because we don’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening – and that when we see it, we should do something about it.

That’s it for now. I’ll probably do something cool when the Community panel begins. I’ve already met up with a fandom friend who I interviewed as a fan artist who has come to the attention of the Community cast and crew last year, and that was pretty cool. She’s in the fourth row right now, so if I don’t get good pictures, I’m sure she will.


2 thoughts on “SDCC – Preview Night: The Crazy Starts Here

  1. Sorry your research didn’t work out the way you hoped. You mentioned you fixed it in one way or another… how did you maneuver around the constructs of twitter? Did you find new ways to approach your research subject or goal?

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